CMC Auto Union Type C, #18 1936, Limited Edition


Auto Union Type C, #18 Rosemeyer 1936 Nurburgring
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Auto Union Type C, 1936

Bernd Rosemeyer with Starting No. 18, Eifel race
Scale 1:18


On June 14th 1936, Auto Union sent its best driver Bernd Rosemeyer to compete in the famous Eifel race at the Nürburgring, piloting an Auto Union Type C with starting #18. This event became one of the most memorable fog-races at the Nürburgring.

The race consisted of 10 laps for a total distance of 228 km. From the very beginning, it was dominated by three prominent drivers of the time. Leading the way was Rudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes W25, followed by the veteran driver Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo P3, and then Bernd Rosemeyer in a Type C. After the 3rd round Nuvolari surpassed Caracciola to take the lead. But Rosemeyer was catching up steadily. Following a shock absorber failure that forced Caracciola to retire, a thrilling duel for victory unfolded between Nuvolari and the daredevil Rosemeyer.


True to his nickname, Rosemeyer became an undisputed front-runner by the 7th round.  At a significant distance behind him was Nuvolari, running in the 2nd place. During the 8th round, however, something unforeseen happened. With the sudden descent of a heavy fog, the Nürburgring was enveloped in an impenetrable wall of mist. Visibility was reduced to less than 20 meters! And what did Rosemeyer do? This crazy guy kept going full speed ahead. With a seriously blurred vision, he had to rely on his route memory of the course, a 7th sense for orientation, and an undaunted spirit to win the race. A legend was born. Bernd Rosemeyer went down in racing history as the “Fog Master.” Auto Union was setting a new benchmark that put an end to the dominance of Mercedes Benz.

Model description

·         Hand-mounted precision metal model, composed of…..single parts, of which …. parts are made of metal

·         Removable engine hood with interlocking by real rubber springs

·         Bod parts are fitted with near the original created perforated lens head screws

·         True to original replication of the 16-Cylinder V-type engine with all aggregates, pipes and cabling

·         Both side Exhaust-series made of metal

·         Crank front axle with adhesion-shock absorber made of metal

·         Rear axle made of metal with oscillation function

·         Hand mounted stainless steel radiator grill with detailed reproduction of the cooling system and the laying of the oil/fuel pipes

·         Movable fuel tank cab made of stainless steel

·         Cockpit with textile covered driver seat and “Rosemeyer steering wheel” with riveted disks at the steering wheel-spider

·         Functional gearshift with a switch guide plate made of metal

·         Screwable central locking nuts with right- and left-hand thread (side-dependent).

Special feature

·         CMC also brakes completely new ground with their rims, these are hand mounted little pieces of art, in which every single stainless-steel-spider is fitted into the alloy-rim with the corresponding nipple separately. A workmanship manufacturing method that is one-of-a-kind!

CMC Legal Disclaimer

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