CMC Mercedes-Benz W 165, 1939 #24, LIM. Ed. 5.000 pieces


Mercedes-Benz W 165, 1939
starting number 24 • Limited edition of 5,000 pcs.
GP of Tripolis, 1939

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Mercedes-Benz W165 #24

Mercedes-Benz has always been synonymous with innovation. That is why the Mercedes-Benz W165 #24 was so highly anticipated. With the Italian race teams growing tired of the German dominance of the Grand Prix circuit, the Italian had a plan to put a stop to it.

The Rules and the Race

For the GP of Tripolis, to be held at Mellaha race track, the rules were changed by the Italian organizers; this was done as an attempt to avoid another dominant victory by German manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union and to give Italian manufacturers Alfa Romeo and Maserati a chance at victory.”

Despite the rapid rule changes made ahead of this race, Mercedes-Benz was able to develop the entirely new Mercedes-Benz W165 #24. They did this all within 6 months. This was no easy task in 1939. That was all the time they had to adapt it to the new rules that allowed only 1.5-liter engines. Hermann Lang with starting number 16 and Rudolf Caracciola would pilot the Mercedes-Benz W165 # 24. These drivers proved to be a good choice as they drove the newly developed Mercedes-Benz W165 #24 and #16 to a 1-2 victory for the Mercedes-Benz racing team.

Technical data of
the original vehicle:
• V-8-engine with 2 camshafts • Displacement: 1.495 cm3 • Bore x stroke: 64 x 58 mm • Fuel supply: 3-stage-suction carburetor • Maximum output: 256 hp at 8.000 rpm • Transmission: 5-speed, gate • Wheel Base: 2.450 mm • Front track: 1.280 mm • Rear track: 1.338 mm • Topspeed: 300 km/h


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