Why Serious Collectors Choose CMC

Welcome to Classic Model Cars USA. We are the ONLY genuine distributor of CMC model cars in the USA, Canada, and South America. We specialize in producing the finest scale model cars on the market.  For over 20 years Classic Model Cars Diecast models have been the most sought after models around. We work diligently to bring our customers the finest 1:18 scale diecast models in stunning detail! Our meticulous approach to replicating these historically significant cars have made CMC Diecast the pinnacle of collectible diecast!

Each scale model car is a perfect replication of an actual automobile.  We send a team of engineers to spend a few days with the car. Through 3-D scanning and thousands of pictures, our team is able to gather the required data to make the 1:1 scale model car into a perfectly replicated 1:18 diecast model car.

Every detail of the 1:1 scale auto is recorded. Not one detail is missed or omitted.  Our mission is simple, We want to bring to market the most accurate replication of these classic and historically significant automobiles. Providing anything less than a perfect 1:18 scale replication is just not acceptable.

While many other companies pump out 100's of resin models a year, Classic Model Cars prefer a slow and methodical approach to producing collectible diecast.  We start with the finest metals and alloys to produce a metal 1:18 scale frame that is the base for these scale model cars. From a base of high-quality material, the artisans at CMC's factory begin to assemble the rest of the model car. Unlike many other diecast model car companies, CMC  includes every part of the vehicle that would have been on the original. Break lines, steering cables, brake pads, rotors, knock offs, seatbelts, door handles and so much more...you name it, we have it on these beautiful 1:18 scale diecast model cars.

Once all the pieces have been assembled on your 1:18 scale diecast model car, we send it over for painting. CMC uses genuine automobile paint and techniques. CMC paints the 1:18 scale model cars the same way automakers paint 1:1 scale automobiles. Multi-layer and clear coated. This is what sets CMC collectible diecast apart from the competition.  It is why a CMC model looks so genuine and why our collectors love to show them off.

We here at CMC USA are dedicated to providing you with the finest model cars available. CMC Diecast model in 1:18 scale have been seen as the pinnacle or scale model car collecting for over 20 years! We are committed to providing that same level of product for at least 20 more!