CMC Mercedes-Benz W154, 1938


The great Victor of France:
1938Mercedes-Benz W 154
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1938 Mercedes-Benz W154

Before the dawn of the 1938 Grand Prix season, new “FORMULAS” were introduced to standardize racing classes. The rule changes were geared towards changing engine size and displacement to 3 liters. These changes would force car manufacturers to scramble to design new cars for the upcoming racing season. These changes directly lead to the creation of the Mercedes-Benz W154. The changes in formulas for the Grand Prix season would change racing for years to come.

The Mercedes-Benz W154 was introduced with a brand new V12 engine that produced a staggering 485 hp. The 5-speed transmission was mounted directly on the Dion rear axle. Little did anyone know that the Mercedes-Benz W154 would go on to dominate the 1938 and 1939 Grand Prix season.

With a fleet of the Mercedes-Benz W154 Caracciola, Lang, von Brauchitsch and Seaman of the Daimler-Benz team began piling up victories, one after the other.

In 1938 Caracciola drove the Mercedes-Benz W154 to a European Champion. At the French Grand Prix on the 3rd of July, 1938, the Mercedes-Benz W154 gained a rare a triple victory: von Brauchitsch came in first, Caracciola second and Hermann Lang third. In 1939 Hermann Lang became European Champion with the now iconic Mercedes-Benz W 154.

Model Car Details

  • Radiator grill made of fine, hand-drawn wires, soldered individually
  • Hand-assembled from more than 500 parts
  • Windscreen can be folded down
  • Removable engine hood
  • Perfectly replicated and detailed engine
  • Punched brake drums
  • Spoke wheels with hand-drawn individually fitted wires




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