M-258 Alfa Romeo P3 “Clear Finish” Limited Edition 600 pcs. (Baseplate Included)


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The Clear-Finish M-258, A Form of Handcraft Art to Last

Curiosity often leads people to wonder what is being used to craft and manufacture high-end CMC miniatures. 

With the clear-finish version of the CMC Alfa Romeo Tipo B / P3, there is truly hard evidence that if CMC promises the use of premium materials, you are sure to find them in its making of products. What you are holding in your hand now is a precision model that is metallic for the most part and made of fine-grade zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum in addition to leather or fabric upholstery, wood ornaments if there are, as well as rubber tires. Only the engine is largely built of high-quality plastics. The “clear-finish” version is an honest revelation of what it takes to handcraft a unique CMC lineup of precision models that stand alone all by themselves and why they belong in any serious collection. 

The beauty of the clear-finish M-258 not only consists in its use of premium materials, but it also takes on a unique presentation that features innate sheens and textures of the metals. To make them look the best, CMC spares no efforts to sand and polish the body parts meticulously. This process is even more assiduous than the application of paint to the replica.   

To protect the surfaces from discoloration or erosion by patina, the model is sealed with a coat of transparent paint — another example that CMC models are crafted as a form of art to last.