M-057 CMC Mercedes Benz W196R Limited Edition 4,000 pcs.


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The Grand Prix of Monza/Italy concluded the racing season of 1955 on September 11. Mercedes had entered the W 196 Monopostos as well as the Streamliner Silver Arrows into competition. Bearing  the starting number 16 and driven by Stirling Moss, the Streamliner was equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel and a cockpit seat with a green-checked textile covering.  

At Sir Stirling Moss’ own wish, we incorporated these exceptional features into the special-edition model created. Among the unique features of the limited edition are modified air inlets and outlets as well as the open maintenance cover at the right side of the engine.

Sir Stirling Moss expressed his approval of the extraordinary quality of this special model with his signature on each engine hood. This certificate guarantees the authenticity of Sir Stirling Moss’ signature as well as the fact that this edition is limited.