M-037 CMC Audi Wanderer 25K , 1936-1938, Kompressor Roadster, Red 1:24 Scale!


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Compared to most small pre-war roadsters, the Wanderer W25K is easily the most elegant. It benefits from Wanderer’s race engineering while at the same time having styling that is more suited for a top-of-the-line Horch.

When the W25 was first released in 1936, Wanderer was part of the Auto Union conglomerate and contributed greatly with their Porsche-designed Inline-6 engine. The same unit was used in the W25 K and offered up to 85 bhp which was ample for its very low weight.

Styling on the W25 was similar to other Auto Union cars that also borrowed heavily from the earlier Wanderer W51 design. But with its low cut doors, sweeping profile and split window, all W25s had a distinct flair along with superb proportions and spirited performance. 

The W25K, was offered as a two-door cabriolet and a two-door roadster. The latter, about 150 pounds lighter, had a rounded shield-shaped grille, cut-down sides and a split windshield unframed along the top edge. The hood, impressively long for a car only 166 inches front to rear, covered a long-stroke six-cylinder engine that displaced 1962 cc. The seven main bearing aluminum block had chrome-plated cast-iron cylinder liners and an aluminum head. A chain-driven camshaft in the side of the block opened two valves per cylinder via pushrods and rocker arms. Standard fitment included a Solex 32 FFUS carburetor and a Roots-type supercharger: The K in its name stood for “Kompressor.” So equipped, the six produced 85 horsepower. In total, about 250 of these Wanderers were made.