Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, 2003 Silver


Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, 2003

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{TAB=Description}Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, 2003


It’s unusual that a car becomes connected to that many superlatives like the SLR. And indeed, it’s not only a car – it’s pure emotion. Aspirations of the good old times resurrect again, when motorraces were real adventures for bold men.

We remember the glorious SLR-races of the 50s and the legendary roadworthy coupéversions, which became history as the so-called “Uhlenhaut-Coupé”.

The SLR is connecting the myth of the old Silver Arrows with the high-tech of the Formula 1 bolids of the present. During the development of the SLR, Mercedes and McLaren exchanged all their know-how of motorsport. 

The result: Extravagant elegance, unbelievable power, extraordinary riding qualities, highest comfort, highest possible safety. The untouchable superiority of the SLR imparts the driver a feeling of freedom and adventure. That’s the way motoring is ment to be – kilometer by kilometer.

Extraordinary originals are demanding extraordinary models: The model in the big scale 1:12 comes up to the highest expectations of model engineers art. During the development, CMC was using the costly sterolithography method. This digitalisation technology made it possible for the CMC production engineers to produce true to the original and accurate to size body- and aggregate parts. To become up to the noble character of the original, the body of the 3,1 kg in costly handwork produced model is made of 0,6 mm thick pressed copper plate.


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Technical data of
the original vehicle:
• 8-cylinder-V-engine z Screw-type compressor • Displacement: 5.439 cm3 • Maximum output: 460 kw/626 hp at 6.500 rpm • Acceleration 0–100 km/h: 3,8 s • Topspeed: 334 km/h • Wheel base: 2.700 mm • Total length: 4.656 mm

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Eye-catcher of the passenger compartment is the alu-look designed center console.
The perfect formed multi-functional steering wheel and the true to the original detailed instruments in the classic and beautiful choronometer-design are rounding the costly design of the passenger compartment
Baseplate made of stabel metal
Realisation of the aerodynamic baseplate concept
Exactly replicated six-channel-diffusor as ending element
Replication of the power train with automatic transmission and dual transverse control arm
Embedding of the engine in on both sides exactly displayed metal lengthswise frame with integrated front-crash structure
Engine hood can be opened by a costly hinge construction
Motion sequence with horizontal move of the engine hood and followed by flapping it up to the front is exactly built after the original
Movable spoiler and airbrake integrated into the trunk deck
Movable tank flap
Exact replication of the complete Mercedes-AMG-V-8 compressor-engine with all aggregates and a lot of more detailled parts and features.
Exact display of the 19” wheels in laborious steel casting
High class polished turbine blades, which point out the character of the Gran Turismo
The exclusive designed Michelin tires with a different size for the front and the rear wheels and with authentic pattern
Costly manual production of the prominent side gills and the with gills populated airinlets of the engine hood made of teeny single metal parts
Dominant sidepipes made of metal on both sides of the model
Padded bucket seats and all other interiors also made of the original SLR Silver-Arrow leather
Hand needled decorative stitiching on the leather seats
The especially for the SLR developed soft “Silver-Arrow-leather”. Available in black, red and gray is also used for the model.
Movable trunk deck fixed on costly manufactured hinges
Removable floor mat
Detailled replication of the Bi-Xenon lights and the rear lightning with by hand implemented LED imitations