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Maserati 300S, 1956
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The Maserati 300 S, which incorporated many features of the Maserati 250 F, a successful Formula 1 precursor, quickly achieved the reputation of being a very competitive sports car.  In addition, it was decked out in beautiful bodywork by Carrozzeria Fantuzzi.  Numerous private racing teams and famous drivers of the time celebrated impressive successes with the 300 S on its immensely powerful 260 hp six-cylinder in-line engine.


The vehicle our model was replicated from was a right-hand drive, just like all 300 S became designed with this steering system.  Built in 1956 with a semi long nose body and closed air inlets below the headlights.  The sidewise installed air vent grids are unique features of that original car.  Some other special features are the 5-gear drive and the beautiful wavelike designed windshield frame.  Both of those features became installed only two times during the complete production of the 26 (27) 300 S units ever produced.  Also the two leather straps, meant for the fastening of the engine hood, became installed in an extraordinary angle to the fenders.


CMC recreated the aforementioned details in a way that bespeaks her commitment to quality and authenticity.  A case in point is the drum brakes, which is a masterpiece of replication.  The star-shaped alloy drum housing was equipped with cooling fins and staggered holes to facilitate the dissipation of heat and drainage of splash water.  Just remove the wheels from your model and you will see that CMC replicated those parts true to the original.  You will also find how a CMC model lives up to your dream once more.



– 6 cylinder in-line engine

– Bore x stroke: 84 x 90mm

– Displacement: 2,991 ccm

– Maximum Output: 260 hp at 6,500 rpm

– Top Speed: Approx 280 km/h

– Two seater sports Spyder with Aluminum body and tube frame

– Right-hand drive

– Front Axle with single wheel suspension and coil springs

– Rigid rear axle with cross compound spring

– Wheel Base: 2,310 mm

– Track front: 1,300 mm

– Track rear: 1,250 mm

– Construction period/pieces: 1955-1959 / 26 (27)


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