Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, 1961 Red Limited Edition


1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
Red Limited Edition
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What is it that makes the Aston Martin DB4 so irresistible? Is it the stylish, perfectly-shaped form assigned to its body by the virtuoso coachbuilder Zagato? Or the symbolism that relates this car to the British sports car tradition synonymously?


If the 314 HP of the Zagato’s sophisticated 6-cylinder in-line engine went into full play, it would give remarkable acceleration. Enough to deliver a competitive performance in races.


But the reputation of the Zagato was not built upon this characteristic alone. As this car was “very British,” it was also uniquely different. Furthermore, an Aston Martin was always an exclusive masterpiece of engineering, so very few people could afford it, not to mention that the DB4 Zagato had only 19 units manufactured originally and 6 more units manufactured from Sanction II/III production.


CMC would like to help out there. With our red replica of this dream sports car becoming available, there is a chance to have “a lost dream reconciled” for you. While it is just a miniature in 1:18 scale, there is no lack of the British styling that contributes to the sexy and adorable appeal of this model. In developing this replica, CMC spared no efforts to make sure that it will bring a “British high taste” into your living room.    




Maximum output: 314 hp at 6,000 rpm

Displacement: 3,670 ccm

Top speed: 246 km/hr

Bore x stroke: 92 x 92 mm

Wheel base: 2,363 mm

Track front / rear: 1,372 / 1,359 mm





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