1:18 CMC Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Coupé, 1938



uring Coupé Limited Edition 300 pieces
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Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B, 1938

Special Touring Coupé

Scale 1:12

The 8C 2900B Special Touring Coupé was “made to order,” and it is now the pride of the Alfa Romeo museum “Storico” in Arese, Italy. Not only does the vehicle have an interesting history, but it is also

spectacular to look at and unique in appearance. This was reason enough for us to pick this extraordinary car for a small limited edition of 300 pieces in scale 1:12 to be distributed worldwide. But this time, we pursued a new path and had the body made of resin without sacrificing any of its functional parts. The engine hood, doors, and trunk lid can open to reveal the engine, cockpit, and trunk as you expect in CMC models.

Originally the 8C 2900B was built for the 24-hour race of Le Mans in 1938. It was fitted with a closed body (Berlinetta), designed by Touring specialists based on their expertise in aerodynamics and lightweight construction — a patent technology known as Superleggera  (aluminum body). An 8-cylinder in-line engine empowered by an output of 220 hp, together with the necessary accessories, made the car fully equipped for Le Mans overnight racing.

Despite its overwhelmingly superior lead during the race, the 8C was not able to finish. A tire blowout and a subsequent ruptured valve put an end to its chase of a seemingly certain victory.

After the race, the car was completely repaired and sold into private hands. It was possessed by a succession of owners in the course of time.  Eventually, the car wound up in England, from where it was brought back home in the 1980s by the Alfa Romeo Museum “Storico” in exchange for a Grand Prix racing car Type 158 Alfetta. Storico decided to restore the car as a street version with an original dark red finish.


Since then this one-of-a-kind rarity has charmed every visitor to the museum.

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