CMC Mercedes-Benz Race Car Transporter LKW LO 2750


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1934-38 Mercedes-Benz LKW LO 2750 Race Car Transporter.



CMC Mercedes-Benz LO 2750, 1934-1938

Racing-Car-Transporter for the Silver Arrows of the 30’s

Scale 1:18


The sustained success of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows during the 1930’s was unparallel.  The W25, W125, W154 and the W165 were all dominant during this time. The MB racing fleet was a sight to be seen. When the “Silver Arrows” were not racing to victory you could find them on the wood-planked deck one of the iconic LO 2750 Mercedes-Benz Race Car Transporter, traversing the roads of Europe, enroot to a race. Equipped with a weather resistant tarpaulin, these transporters were the perfect delivery vehicle for these highly successful cars. These transporters became an invaluable part of the Mercedes Benz factory transport and supply train.

After a victory, the tarpaulin was removed and the sides lowered to show off the victorious Silver Arrow in all its post race glory.

Because of its vital role in the success of Mercedes-Benz Racing, CMC set out to capture every detail in this stunning and historically accurate 1:18th scale, die cast replication of the iconic LO 2750 Race Car Transporter.




Model description (see also manual):


  • Hand-crafted, die-cast precision model built from 2,365 single parts, of which 1,991 parts are made of metal
  • True to the original design, The loading bed and tarpaulin, are crafted using materials such as metal, wood, textile, brass and leather
  • All fittings on the trailer sides and the tailgate are made of metal
  • Every version of a CMC-Mercedes pre-war-Silver-Arrow model will fit in the transporters loading bed.
  • Highly detailed 4-cylinder diesel-engine, complete with all aggregates, pipes, and cabling
  • Detachable three-part-engine bonnet with spring-loaded locking hooks
  • Handmade stainless steel-cooler, unscrewable cooler cap with attached Mercedes-star (attention, risk of breakage, observe operating instructions)
  • Beautifully arranged drivers cab with movable hand-brake-lever and hinged windscreen. Detachable bench seats are upholstered with real leather
  • Fully Functional doors and blinkers
  • Trailer-sides and the tailgate can be folded down, and are made of real wood
  • The loading ramps and rails are detachable and made of metal.
  • Tarpaulin framework is built of metal, with upper real wood-planking
  • The foldable tarpaulin is made of textile, with brass eyelets and leather straps
  • 2 detachable spare wheels underneath the loading bed
  • 2 tool boxes, mounted left of the frame can be opened.
  • Huge diesel-tank made of metal, with functional filler neck cap
  • Front- and rear-axle made of metal
  • Detailed bottom group, with hand-brake-linkage and hydraulic piping
  • Two-tone paintwork with vehicle-lettering in tampon-print procedure


CMC Legal Disclaimer

The use of manufacturers’ names, symbols, type designations, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. It does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these manufacturers. The use of racing team and/or driver names, symbols, starting numbers, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. Unless otherwise stated, it does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these racing teams/drivers or endorsed by any of them

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