CMC Bugatti T35- Monaco Limited Edition 800 pcs


CMC Bugatti T35 Monaco

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And for the item number M-100, which is for us some kind of anniversary, too, we thought of something very special. This is a long-term project that might take several years. In the past, each racing team was forced to start in their specific country race color. Today we just can imagine how those races really looked. But they must have been bright and gorgeous.
So if you want to show those terrific country colors, if there any other adequate car beside the Bugatti T35? We don`t think so!

We intend in the coming years to complete this wonderful collection of cars. Each model is limited to 2000 pieces. The superior item number for all 16 cars is M-100, but each car comes with an additional sub-item number from B-001 to B-016