CMC Bugatti T35, 1924


The archetype of an Era!
Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix, 1924

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An ingenious eccentric, Ettore Bugatti started his factory in Molsheim, Alsace, and set the pace for the young automobile industry when he himself was still young. With his ground-breaking Type 35 in 1924, he created the superior racing car of his era, which would become the inspiration for many other models. Type 35 had his Grand Prix premiere at the European Grand Prix of Lyon/France at the 3rd of August in 1924. As of today, the Bugatti Type 35 remains the unparalleled record holder of 1,851 documented victories. Since all these victories were scored within the short period of 1924 through 1927, the Type 35 is the most successful 8-cylinder in-line engine and racing car of all times. Nicknamed “Le Patron”, Ettore Bugatti is remembered as one of the most valued automobile engineers because of his exceptional talent and the new height he set for the technical design of his time.

Also noteworthy are the so-called “gentlemen” drivers who steered Bugatti cars to victories with a lot of fanfare and charisma. Among those who wound up behind the steering wheel were counts, gigolos, bohemians, and adventurers. The majority of them were very wealthy. They lived in a world of luxury that featured excessive parties, startling love affairs, costly wagers as well as reckless urges to play with their lives.

Take a close look at our model and be transported back to a world of extraordinary design and elegance in the 1920s – the world of Ettore Bugatti. Hand-assembled from 926 parts, this miniature, which is a display of a Grand Prix racing version (without an additional spare wheel), takes a lot of experience and love of details to create. It is a fine example of the authentic replication and superior craftsmanship that only CMC can bring to you. Simply a piece of art. The trademark horse-shoe cooler, the spoke wheels made of aluminum cast, and the rectangular box-shaped engine – these are just a few characteristics that make the car so very special.


Technical data of the
original vehicle:
• 8-cylinder in-line-engine (double block) • Overhead camshaft, 3 valves for each cylinder • Two times Zenith-horizontal carburetor
• Displacement: 1,991 ccm • Maximum output: approx. 95 hp at 6000 rpm • Top speed: approx. 180 km/h• Wheel base: 2,400 mm
• Total length: 3,700 mm



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