1937 CMC Auto Union Type C, #18 Rosemeyer Limited Edition 300 pieces


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Auto Union Type C, #18 1936 Nurburgring Limited Edition 300 pieces in 1:12 scale!

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Auto Union Type C, #5 1937, Limited Edition 300 pieces

CMC Classic Model Cars presents to you this  Auto Union Type C in the 1:12 scale. This perfect replication is specifically modeled after the #18 car driven masterfully by Bernd Rosemyer at The Nurburgring in 1936. This model is being made as a LIMITED EDITION and will be manufactured in small quantities worldwide.  

A Brief Overview of the Auto Union Type C and CMC’s quest to replicate it.

CMC Classic Model Cars set out to replicate the Auto Union Type C with the starting number #5. Finding historic information on this specific car proved problematic.  During the research process for the Auto Union Type C with the #5, we came across a lot of archived information regarding a more famous and dominate racing champion, The Auto-Type C With the starting #18.

This iconic race car was driven to three first place victories including one at The Nürburgring and a Grand Prix Championship in the 1936  season. More than any other driver that year. That driver, largely unknown at the time was Bernd Rosemeyer.  The Fabled Race at the Nürburgring would propel this relatively unknown driver into racing immortality.  This was the signature victory in a career full of them. For More on Rosemeyer check out this link from HemmingsThe Life of Bernd Rosemeyer

Model description- Auto Union Type C

·       Handmade, fully assembled model crafted with  precision metal parts

·         Removable engine hood with interlocking rubber springs

·         Body parts are fitted with perfectly scaled and replicated perforated lens head screws

·         True to original replication of the 16-Cylinder V-type engine with all aggregates, pipes, and cabling

·         Both side Exhaust-series made of metal

·         Crank front axle with adhesion-shock absorber made of metal

·         Rear axle made of metal with oscillation function

·         Hand mounted stainless steel radiator grill with detailed reproduction of the cooling system and the positioning of the oil/fuel pipes

·         Movable fuel tank cap made of stainless steel

·         Cockpit with textile covered driver seat and “Rosemeyer steering wheel” with riveted disks at the steering wheel spider

·         Functional gearshift with a switch guide plate made of metal

·         Moveable central locking nuts with right- and left-hand thread (side-dependent).

Special feature

·         The bodywork consists out of copper completely, which is a unique to CMC

·         CMC innovation also brings you Hand-Made spoke wheel. With CMC’s dedication to detail, each spoke was carefully hand inserted by our master model builders.

CMC Legal Disclaimer

The use of manufacturers’ names, symbols, type designations, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. It does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these manufacturers. The use of racing team and/or driver names, symbols, starting numbers, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. Unless otherwise stated, it does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these racing teams/drivers or endorsed by any of them

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